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  • Acanthosis nigricans (AN) is a common skin manifestation of systemic abnormality.

  • It presents with dark-brown hyperpigmentation and velvety thickening of the neck, under the arms, forehead, antecubital and popliteal fossae, groin and umbilicus.

  • AN can be caused by and associated with genetic predisposition, metabolic disorders (e.g. diabetes, PCOS, other endocrine diseases)/ obesity, autoimmune disease, cancer, medications.

  • Some associated factors include hair grooming, trauma, friction, heat, humidity, infections, and androgen hormones.  

  • Treatment includes the management of underlying medical issues and/ or the use of .oral medications (e.g. metformin, thiazolidindiones), retinoids, lasers, chemical peels or dermabrasion​


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