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  • Acne (Folliculitis) Keloidalis (AKN) is a progressive scarring alopecia. 

  • Although it can occur in various races and both sexes, AKN is more common in African American men with curly hair.

  • It presents with small, smooth, firm bumps with occasional puss on the posterior scalp and nape of the neck.  Over time lesions result in scarring hair loss and keloid scars. 

  • The exact cause is unknown. 

  • Some associated factors include the inherent properties of afro-textured hair, hair grooming techniques, trauma, friction, heat, humidity, infections, and androgen hormones.  

  • Treatment includes avoiding potential triggers (close shaving, frequent haircuts, shirts with high collars, helmets, chains, heavy greases, etc.), anti-inflammatories (topical, oral and/ or injection), antimicrobials, retinoids, destruction (liquid nitrogen, laser, etc), laser, surgery, and radiation (for severe cases).​


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