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  • Hair loss is an extremely common and distressing complaint among African American women.  One study reported hair loss as the fourth most common diagnosis of African Americans presenting to the dermatologist (1). Another study of 200 black women revealed 59% of respondents reported a history of excessive hair breakage or shedding (2)

  • There are various types of hair loss and they can be scarring (reversible hair loss) or non-scarring (irreversible hair loss and destruction of the hair follicle)

  • Hair loss can present with a constellation of symptoms ranging from itching, pain, soreness, redness, hair shedding, hair breakage, and bald patches

  • It can be caused by and associated with, genetics, autoimmune disease, systemic disorders, stress, diet, and hair grooming practices  

  • Management includes optimizing hair grooming techniques, oral/ topical/ injection anti-inflammatory agents, platelet rich plasma, and hair transplants







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